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Painted with Raven
Courtesy of World of Wonder

Watch the sickening trailer for Drag Race legend Raven’s make-up show

Painted with Raven premieres November 25 – expect face paint, pimple popping make-up looks, and lots of drama

In March, Emmy-winning make-up artist and RuPaul's Drag Race alum Raven teased her new television show, titled Painted with Raven. Created by World of Wonder, the makers of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the show will see seven MUAs from across the US virtually compete to become the next make-up superstar – with Raven as the host, of course.

Now, in anticipation of its November 25 release, a new “super” trailer is officially here – providing a first look at some of the artistry and chaos.

After opening with an introduction from Raven, herself, the trailer showcases a few of the looks we can expect from the season: pink and blue cherry blossom tree face paint, red and orange rhinestone-covered eyes, a functional (yes, functional) pimple popping look, and a sparkling Black Lives Matter fist face accessory. “It’s giving Black beauty,” states the contestant. 

We also get a look into some of the season’s drama in the trailer. “I don’t wanna be a shady bitch, but this is a hot mess express,” says one contestant, while another cries, “Fuck my make-up!” in a confessional. Later, at the judges panel, Raven asks, “You think you’re better than me?” before a compilation of crying contestants plays on screen. Much to look forward to! 

By the end of the series, after a number of fierce challenges and weekly face-offs, Raven will crown one winner with the superstar title and a grand prize of $25,000. 

“Make-up is something I’ve always been very passionate about,” said Raven after announcing the show. “It is what ultimately started me on my drag career. I’m so happy to be hosting something I absolutely love to celebrate... a reality competition about fierce make-up!”

Catch the premiere of Painted With Raven on November 25, exclusively at WOW Presents Plus