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Grimes TikTok make-up tutorial
via TikTok @grimes

Grimes is now a TikTok MUA, we guess

For fans of break-up bangs and make-up looks inspired by your back tattoo

Last year, Grimes showed fans how she does her make-up for Vogue. “I like the look of being pretty, but like, ravaged by war,” she declared, as she painted her forehead with a black and red, psychedelic look.

Now – once again opening up about her beauty routine – the experimental pop artist has posted a brand new make-up tutorial on TikTok.

Using a white liquid eyeliner, the video sees Grimes painting an intricate, web-like design across her face in a reminiscent style of her newly debuted back tattoo. Alongside the pattern, Grimes wears a strong black eyeliner wing, which comes to a sharp point in her inner corners.

Crediting fashion duo Fecal Matter (known for their experimental, otherworldly designs) for inspiration, Grimes used a special effect to create large black pupils in the video. She also added a brown wig and metal headband to top off the look.


Love is a Drug from God 💊💊💊 @chrislake ft @grimes (aka NPC - my new digital girl group ) NOV 12 ##roborockrun

♬ A Drug From God - Chris Lake & NPC

In the background of the clip, the musician teased the debut track – titled “Love is a Drug from God” from her new AI girl group, NPC, and DJ Chris Lake. “We’re super behind on everything and you’ll all see why in a month or so, so I apologise abt delays of music and visuals,” she revealed on Instagram. “Gna be catching up on the girls visual development and whatnot – but me and @chrislake just needed to get this song out cuz it’s been going so hard at festivals!!!!”

Meanwhile on Twitter, Grimes debated changing up her look completely with fans. “Please please please stop (me) from dying my hair black and cutting bangs, please convince me bangs are a mistake right? Are they? A mistake?” she wrote.

While some fans were in support of the look, others reminded her of when she “accidentally went too far with the bangs” in 2014 and questioned whether this was simply the chaotic next stage of her split from billionaire Elon Musk. Relatable.

Perhaps we can be expecting a new look for the official girl group release? TBH, we wouldn’t be surprised.