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Rihanna – autumn 20214
Cotton mesh baseball cap Louis Vuitton, earrings Rihanna’s own.Skincare products Fenty Skin, beauty products Fenty Beauty.Photography Rafael Pavarotti, Styling Ibrahim Kamara

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is giving your favourite video game a makeover

The musician and beauty mogul has teamed up with Riot Games AKA the company behind League of Legends

Rihanna‘s Fenty Beauty is officially venturing into the world of video games. The musician and beauty mogul has announced a collab with Riot Games, AKA the company behind League of Legends, to coincide with the release of Arcane, the gaming company’s latest animated series on Netflix

The show, which is now available on the streaming platform, features beauty looks curated by the Fenty Beauty team.

Fenty Beauty will also “curate beauty looks across Riot Games and content, aiming to highlight the multifaceted and diverse beauty landscape that celebrates beauty in all of its forms –including animation”.

Given that make-up plays a huge role in shaping video game avatars, the announcement poses many exciting possibilities for the gaming platform. This includes Fenty Beauty NFTs, where players can purchase digital make-up ‘skins’ for in-game customisation. Or, a make-up collection inspired by Riot Games titles. League of Legends eyeshadow palette, anyone?

Check out the trailer for Arcane below and head over to Netflix to watch the show.