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Rocket yoga 08
Courtesy of BLOK

Rocket yoga is the one-size-fits-all yoga trend for this winter

Here’s what you need to know about the power yoga practice, which uses rhythmic postures and breath work to support your mental and physical wellbeing

Last year, London-based fitness studio BLOK established its digital platform – titled BLOKtv – helping people from all over the world maintain physical and mental wellbeing over the pandemic. Through the programme, users gained access to over 150 wellness and fitness classes per week, along with an impressive line-up of trainers.

Now, BLOK is continuing its support of mental health for this winter through its one-size-fits-all practice: Rocket yoga. A simpler modification of traditional ashtanga yoga, the practice uses rhythmic postures and breathwork to warm the body and stimulate, lengthen, and strengthen muscles – so good for people sitting indoors for prolonged periods of time.

Unlike traditional yoga where participants must master each pose before continuing to the next, Rocket yoga allows people to move from pose to pose regardless of their expertise, making it safe to practice for most. 

“Rocket Yoga is a strong power yoga class, and incorporates some more advanced postures such as arm balances, inversions, and backbends,” says Jules McLellan, head of yoga at BLOK. “It is thought of as a class for advanced practitioners, and while I wouldn't recommend it for complete beginners I would definitely say that you don't need to have an advanced practice to come to a Rocket class.”

She continues: “It's a playful and open practice and is more about having fun, challenging yourself, and finding ways to practice postures that suit your own unique body – there is almost always a modification for everyone!”

As a member of the Yang yoga family – benefits can range from increased stamina, to improved circulation and flexibility, as well as physical toning and strengthening. 

Otherwise, even though Rocket yoga tends to follow a faster pace, it is said to be mentally soothing. While performing each sequence, practitioners will sync their movements to the rhythm of their breath – creating a “unifying meditative state” that calms the mind. TBH, we’re here for anything that can ease our serotonin-depleted brains after daylight savings hits.

Rocket yoga, along with other Yang yoga classes, such as Power yoga, Yin Yang flow, Dharma, and Dynamic Vinyasa are available now at BLOK in Shoreditch, Clapton, and Manchester – book here.