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Four dot TikTok trend
via TikTok @bymichellediaz / @vvioletivy

Viral TikTok beauty trend hypnotises people into falling in love, of course

‘Four dot trick’ all the boys to the yard

Another day, another viral TikTok beauty hack. This time around, TikTokers are using eyeliner to trick men into falling in love with them, apparently.

The trend – referred to as the “white dot trick”, “four dot trick”, “hypnotic dot make-up”, and simply “white eyeliner dots” – was first introduced by user Michelle Diaz, who shares dating and beauty tips on her account. In her video, titled “Ideas that make men loopy for us”, Diaz suggested that applying four evenly spaced eyeliner dots around your eyes will “hypnotise” the men around you.

“You’re going to grab a white eyeliner – I have also used little rhinestones or little pearls, and I glue them with lash glue – but, most of the time, I use the white liquid liner,” she said in a TikTok, before applying the four dots. “This little trick is going to make him fall in love.” Diaz also suggested using Elf’s liquid liner in white to recreate the look, rather than other felt or brush tip products.


Reply to @ogeliza just posted a tutorial/what liner I use 🤌🏽✨ #whitedots #makeuphack #ThatCloseMessenger

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While some viewers responded with suspicion, others posted claiming that the make-up look helped with their romantic lives. “So I tried the four dots make-up trend,” stated user Monica Murray in a TikTok. “I was approached about my make-up and eyes three times in one day.” Another user, @ogeliza, commented: “I did this tonight, and I kid you not every guy that came up to me couldn’t stop looking, it’s powerful.”

Other users, however, are taking the trend one step further – applying white dots while Amanda Clayton’s “aminfestok” audio plays in the background to manifest a specific person or scenario. “No matter what he is doing, no matter who he is with, he is always thinking about me. Everything is reminding him of me now,” states the audio. Whatever works, we guess.

Check out the TikToks below.

Should I redo this but with gemstones instead?💎🧙🏻‍♀️ #witchytok #manifestation #fourdots

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