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Teens on TikTok are removing their own IUDs and doctors are freaking out

Do not try this at home

Whether it’s guzzling dry powder in an attempt to shed a few pounds, or swapping hair gel for Gorilla Glue (please don’t), TikTok beauty hacks aren’t short of controversy. Now, another trend has emerged on the platform where women are filming themselves removing their intrauterine devices (IUD) – and medical professionals aren’t happy.

An IUD is a small contraceptive coil inserted into the womb to prevent pregnancy and sometimes control periods and period pain. Earlier this year. TikTok user Mikkie Gallagher filmed a video of her ‘DIY’ removal technique, which has since gone viral.

“This is NOT medical advice but it only took two minutes,” Gallagher captioned the clip, in which her 24,000 followers watch her top half as she removes the IUD with a pair of surgical gloves. 

“Come along for a little DIY IUD removal,” reads the narration text at the start, before she adds that she’s “diving right in”.

The video has since clocked up two million views on TikTok, and has, understandably, attracted mixed responses in the comments section.

“Sooo I did this and now my cervix is permanently open more than it should be and I can never get an IUD again :),” one user wrote. “Please if your IUD is resisting when you pull, do not incase it has embedded in your uterus,” said another.

The #iudremoval hashtag currently has over 64 million views, with videos ranging from women trying the procedure at home to others documenting their visit to the doctor to get it done safely.

Family Planning Victoria's Chief Executive Officer Claire Vissenga has spoken out after seeing Gallagher's video, which she believes shows “no signs of slowing in popularity”. She said it’s “imperative” that women get IUDs removed by a GP, nurse, or medical professional.

Needless to say, removing your own IUD can be extremely dangerous. Don’t try this at home.