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Masc? Femme? These gender fluid TikTokers are hot in all the ways

A new TikTok challenge is celebrating fluid gender identities

Queer TikTok has once again proven it is the best TikTok filled with the hottest people. Following the recent trend which set out to normalise masc lesbians in bikinis, a new challenge sees users embracing their fluid identities and celebrating their switch energy. 

Set to the soundtrack of Jack Harlow’s “I Wanna See Some Ass”, the trend involves TikTokers engaging in an imaginary conversation with a person they are interested in who tells them they are only into masc or femme people. Not a problem, the creators say, as they suddenly transform themselves from femme-presenting to more traditionally masc-presenting, or vice versa. Lashes are swapped for chains, unbuttoned dress shirts and backwards caps are donned, eyebrows suddenly have slits in them. They then proceed to give us their best thirst trap poses – there’s lip biting, intense eye contact, and plenty of flirty smirking and tongue action. 

The challenge has proven very popular, unsurprisingly as it's mostly just a vehicle for people to show off how hot they are and play around with gender. It is interesting to see how quickly certain characteristics emerge as masc signifiers for queer women and non-binary people. Almost every single masc transformation involves dress shirts opened to the belly button and chains. Caps, eyebrow slits, and a cocky attitude also feature prominently.


song is cringe, but had to hop on the trend rq :) #lgbtq #lesbiantiktok

♬ gm to all light stans - sunny

While, of course, the type of clothes you wear doesn’t alone define your gender expression and how you present, they can be a good way to start exploring your identity and relationship to gender. “After finding what you feel comfortable in through clothes, everything else comes, like your attitude, the way you hold yourself or how you introduce yourself,” Flo told Dazed Beauty in a piece exploring women and non-binary people who embrace masculinity.

Check out some of the best TikTok videos below and don’t be surprised if by the end of it you’re like, so gay, dude.


I know you all been waiting for this one…IB:

♬ gm to all light stans - sunny

out of my comfort zoneeeeeee

♬ gm to all light stans - sunny

my noodle arms are soooo edgy 😤

♬ gm to all light stans - sunny