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Rihanna pixie cut

All the celebrities cut off their hair this week

RIP Ariana Grande’s ponytail, hello to Iris Law’s bald head

The inches are coming off this week in celeb-land, with Rihanna, Iris Law, and Ariana Grande all chopping off their hair to varying degrees. Grande was perhaps the least bold with her haircut, however, considering the length of her usual supersized ponytail, it’s still quite a change. The singer debuted a new long bob on Instagram earlier this week, although the style was somewhat concealed by the fuzzy orange Emma Brewin hat she accessorised it with. 

At the same time, Rihanna revealed a very circa-2012 pixie cut. The singer and beauty mogul has had a series of different looks in quick succession recently, from the very on-trend mullet she rocked at the beginning of the year to the flat twists and bantu knots she wore while promoting a new Fenty skin drop. This new look, which was revealed in a campaign for her Savage x Fenty Pride collection, is very reminiscent of her Unapologetic-era style although with added wispy strands around her ear which give the look an 80s Chelsea feel.

Saving the best for last, we have Iris Law who shaved off all her hair for a full buzzcut. The model is currently filming Pistol, Danny Boyle’s six-part series chronicling the rise of the British punk scene, in which she plays the iconic Soo Catwoman known for her trademark bleached buzz cut with spiked-up sides in the shape of cat ears. Although she was offered a wig to wear for the role, Law told Vogue that she wanted to make the “liberating” cut. “The day I shaved my head, I changed my life. I’ve never done anything like that before.” Hairstylist Anthony Turner did the honours which were documented for the magazine. The verdict? In our professional opinion – she looks hot AF.

After almost a year and a half of lockdown, it’s not surprising that many of us are opting for a drastic change and looking for the freedom and power that comes with cutting all your hair off. “After major world events, people want to take control. They want to do something different. And cutting your hair off, it just feels rebellious,” Rachael Gibson, a London hair historian, told the Wall Street Journal last month. 

If you are tempted to make the chop, the good news is that the beauty industry is open again and you can book an appointment with your stylist today. Or embrace the DIY spirit of punk and shave off your hair at home. Read our helpful guide to the perfect DIY buzzcut here.