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TikTok mullet
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The one-minute mullet – genius hack or disaster waiting to happen?

This TikTok trick for achieving a DIY mullet in 60 seconds is not for the faint of heart

There’s nothing we love more here at DBHQ than a good mullet. We are also partial to a bit of DIY beauty experimentation – great things can happen when you throw out the rulebook and push the limits of your creative expression. So, with that in mind, we can’t help but have a soft spot for a new hair hack that’s going around TikTok: the one-minute mullet. 

The one-minute mullet involves a kamikaze approach to hair that is only for the very brave. What you do is put your hair in a ponytail and then chop it all off with a pair of scissors. It’s that simple. The idea is that this method will result in the choppy, multi-layered look of the mullet and shag style that has become so popular over the last year and a half. It’s pretty risky, however, it does seem to be paying off. Many of those who tried it appear to be quite happy with the results. 

For anyone keen on a mullet but not quite ready to throw caution to the wind and pick up a pair of scissors themselves, the queen of mullets Jemima Bradley offered some advice on what to ask for and what to expect. “The modern mullet is all about soft lines and funky details around the ears and a fringe,” she says. “It tends to be softer towards facial features, it has more of a soft flow, it's all about finding a balance that works for you.”

Mullets are great for anyone looking for a cut that doesn’t involve a lot of styling day-to-day. “It's a wake up and go sort of cut,” Bradley says, but do prepare yourself for regular visits to the salon. “Mullets are a lot of upkeep, I'm sure anybody with shorter hair understands this. Hair grows fast and the original shape can soon be lost.” 

Any good stylist will have a consultation with you first to understand what will look best on you and the aesthetic you are going for. Bringing visual examples to the consultation is also very helpful. For some inspo check out Miley’s DIY mullet courtesy of mum Tish, Rihanna’s long curly look, Cara’s soft shag, and the best queer mullets in pop culture from Joan Jett to Roberta Colindrez. 

Or just say fuck it and grab your nearest pair of scissors like these people did. Good luck!


Credit to @effervescingelephant it works YALL

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