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Spring Breakers
Spring Breakers (2013)

Stripper rhinestones and French bobs: the best A24 film beauty looks

The film company behind ZOLA, Spring Breakers, and Midsommar might just be moving into beauty officially, but A24 has always delivered the looks

Last week, rumours started swirling that the arthouse film production company A24 was following in the footsteps of, well, everyone and making moves into the beauty sphere with its own brand named Rules Beauty. 

Rules Beauty – could it be a portmanteau of A24’s Euphoria lead characters Rue and Jules? – has been described as “a new A24 portfolio company focusing on the beauty space”. And, for now, that’s pretty much all we know. So, until more details come to light, we are left to our own devices to imagine what an A24 beauty brand might look like. It will certainly take risks. It will conduct itself with style, humour, and, yes, panache. It will be aesthetically pleasing with an instinct for cool. It will, above all, be authentic and bold. Lurid neon colours will almost certainly be involved. 

While Rules Beauty will mark the company’s first official dealings with the beauty industry, A24 films have a long history of delivering standout hair and make-up looks starting right from its beginnings with Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, contemporary cult hit Midsommar, and the forthcoming viral stripper story ZOLA. And this is, after all, the production company behind Euphoria we are talking about. So while we eagerly await to see what Rules Beauty will turn out to be, we’ve revisited some of the best beauty looks from across A24 films for your pleasure and edification.