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Molly Goddard SS17
Molly Goddard SS17Photography Philip Trengrove

How to create the TikTok favourite bubble ponytail for yourself

This minimum effort, maximum impact hairstyle will be your new fave

As the possibility of the end of lockdown creeps into the horizon, we are starting to think about what post-pandemic life looks like – and what post-pandemic us will look like. With experts predicting a second coming of the roaring 20s, you can bet that when we are finally allowed out again the outfits will be elaborate, the hair will be big, and the make-up turned up to 10. Anticipating this return to the outside world, a new trend has appeared on TikTok that encapsulates the fun and excitement perfectly: the bubble ponytail. 

The bubble ponytail has been around for a while, mostly seen on red carpets and high fashion editorials – Doja Cat rocked the style during her performance at the Grammys this year, as did models at Molly Goddard’s SS17 show. Singer Griff has made the oversized bubble ponytail her signature look alongside mallen streaks and sharp winged liner. Now the style is making its way off the runway and into our bedrooms. Equal parts chic and playful, it’s an edgy twist on an old classic and requires minimum effort for maximum impact – our favourite kind of hairstyle. 


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The look is very easy to create for yourself, and mostly just requires that you have the correct number of hair ties. A texturising powder or volumizing spray also helps, particularly if you have fine hair, but dry shampoo will work in a pinch.

Start off by gathering your hair into a regular ponytail and securing it in place. Then add another hair tie around an inch down from the first one. Depending on how sleek or full you want the style to look, you can tease the hair with a brush or comb to add volume and create wider bubbles. Make sure that you are tying the elastics super tight so that the style holds for longer and the bubbles stay bubbly. Add another hair tie, an inch down from the previous one and then continue down the hair until you reach the end. In each section, you can gently pull the hair between the elastics to create larger bubbles. 

Finish the look with some hairspray to hold everything in place. You can also add different hair ties, scrunchies, ribbons, bows and so on to accessorise the look. Check out some of our favourite examples below for inspo.