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Ayanna Williams
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Watch the woman with the world’s longest nails get them cut after 30 years

Guinness World Record holder Ayanna Williams got an extreme manicure for her 24 foot-long nails

The end of lockdown, for many, spells a glow up – a fresh manicure come April 12 for people in England. But Ayanna Williams has one-upped our lockdown preps by cutting off her 24 foot-long nails after almost 30 years. 

Williams entered the Guinness Book of World Records back in 2017 for her then staggering 19-foot talons. The Houston-based claw fanatic recently made the decision to cut the nails she’s cultivated since the 90s after growing tired of them and admitting it was time to say goodbye. 

The record-breaking fingernails were chopped with an electric rotary device last weekend. Williams described the removal process as a moving experience, despite their infringement upon everyday activities. 

Prior to the snip, she required four bottles of nail varnish for a manicure, which took her several days. 

When asked if she’d encourage others to grow their nails like this, she replied: “Absolutely. Do what you want to do. Let everybody be themselves. If you want to grow your nails long, do it! Why not? It’s your life so do it. The main thing is don’t worry about what people say because people are going to talk at the end of the day, if you’re doing good, if you’re doing bad.”

Despite parting with her nails physically, the remains will be displayed in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum in Orlando, Florida, a museum that plays host to exceptional curiosities and unusual memorabilia. “It’s history for my kids and my grandkids,” she reflects in the video. Despite the emotional attachment, Williams has nailed her way into the history books, for something quite literally getting out of hand. Watch the feat below.