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The best serums, oils, masks, and moisturisers to battle hyperpigmentation

Characterised by discoloured patches of skin, there are a variety of products to even and brighten skin tone – here are 12 of our faves

Much like acne, hyperpigmentation is an incredibly common skin concern that affects people of all ages and races. It’s characterised by darkened or discoloured patches of skin, and it typically happens as a result of excess melanin production due to factors such as sun damage, acne scarring, and hormone fluctuations.

Since it’s such a widespread issue for people, brands have been coming out with a whole gamut of solutions – including serums, moisturisers, and masks – that specifically target hyperpigmentation and work to brighten up and even out the skin tone.

Below, we’re sharing some of the most effective pigment-fading formulas on the market, with options for every budget. Prepare to find your new favourite prodcut to battle hyperpigmentation.