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Skull faces and Cleopatra eyes: the best American Horror Story beauty looks

From the iconic Myrtle Snow to Gaga as a vampiric Countess, over the last 10 years, Ryan Murphy’s anthology series has given us some hair and make-up looks to remember – and haunt

This year marks 10 years since American Horror Story debuted, and over the last decade, show mastermind Ryan Murphy has taken us on a journey. We’ve travelled from witchy New Orleans to the cursed colonies of North Carolina, through summer camps, supernatural hotels, and old school asylums, along the way encountering Santa killers, possessed nuns, creepy clowns on murder sprees, and Valerie Solanas.

Amid all the gore, the mysteries, the jump scares, and the Stevie Nicks cameos, are some stand-out beauty looks. In fact, the hair and make-up teams on the show have won Emmys for their impressive prosthetics work, creepy special effects, and wide range of hairstyles. Tate Langdon’s skeletal make-up from season one for shooting up his school has become a trademark image of the show, but Liz Taylor’s signature Cleopatra eye look and Myrtle Snow’s Grace Coddington-esque hair also stand out as highlights.

As we eagerly await the upcoming 10th season, we look back on the best beauty looks from a decade of horror.