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Nyssa mirror
Nyssa Care

Take a proper good look at your vulva with this handy hands-free mirror

Nyssa Care is helping us understand what’s going on with our anatomy

Back in the 70s, as part of the second wave feminist movement spearheaded by women like Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem, it became an encouraged activity for women to take a proper good look at their own vulvas. The practice, which involved a hand mirror and some squinting, came out of the foundational feminist text “Our Bodies, Ourselves” published in 1970 with the aim of demystifying anatomy, which would teach women and everyone else with a vulva about their own reproductive health and sexuality.

The practice fell out of favour somewhat with the end of the movement, but that doesn’t mean getting familiar and comfortable with your own vulva isn’t an important thing to do. And now there’s a way to do it that doesn’t involve fumbling around in awkward positions with household mirrors. Wellbeing brand Nyssa Care has just launched a hands-free mirror to help you get a better look in an easier way.

Especially designed to be held between the thighs in a seated or standing position, the mirror features an LED light to offer a clear and unrestricted view of your vulva and vagina. Also included with the mirror is a OB-GYN-recommended checklist with an anatomical illustration of the vulva and vagina by artist Mari Andrew. The brand encourages you to use the mirror to get to know your body, for routine wellbeing checks, self-grooming, or to guide the insertion of a tampon, cup or contraceptive device. 

“At Nyssa, we believe that looking at your vulva builds knowledge and empowers sexual agency,” the brand writes. “Looking helps us take control of our body image and dispel stigmas and shame about our anatomy. We created VieVision to help change the way we think about, talk about, and interact with our vulvas and vaginas. For good.”

Go on, don’t be shy!