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Kendall and Kylie
YouTube/Kylie Jenner

Kendall and Kylie get wasted, cause chaos, do their make-up, smash the set

There’s also crying, eyeshadow lipstick, loose hair extensions, and DMCs

Last month, Kendall Jenner launched a tequila brand 818, the promo for which appears to mostly consist of Kendall going around town, visiting various friends, and getting smashed with them. Last week, the model turned up in Hailey Bieber’s bathroom for the debut episode of her Who’s In My Bathroom? web series and proceeded to do shots, get drunk, and cry because she’s never been proposed to (relatable). 

Now she’s joined younger sister Kylie for a drunken Get Ready With Me that quickly descends into chaos. Once again fuelled by many shots of 818, the two begin doing their make-up (all Kylie Cosmetics products, natch) while Kendall tells a sweet story about being insecure about her acne in high school and how Kylie would reassure her every morning that she looked beautiful. Thanks in large part to the four shots each that have already been consumed, the story causes Kylie to get emotional and tear up thinking about her own daughter and (probably) the intense pressures our image-obsessed society places on us to value and prioritise physical appearance above all else. If anyone is all too aware of this premium placed on beauty, it is, after all Kylie. Kendall then reveals the moral of her story: she’s bad at doing winged eyeliner.

A few more shots in and the conversation turns to the merits of In-N-Out vs McDonald's, the make-up application becomes increasingly sloppy, and Kendall starts to get destructive. With purple eyeshadow all across her face, she, in quick succession, almost shatters Kylie’s shot glass and spills tequila everywhere, tells Kylie she’s so beautiful, says she needs to go home, looks in the mirror and cries at her make-up, and then gets Kylie to take her to go pee. Basically she is every drunk girl in a club bathroom (including yourself) that you’ve ever come across. 

Eight shots in and Kylie starts getting creative with blush placement while Kendall puts blue eyeshadow on her sister’s lips instead of lip gloss and causes havoc with some yellow eyeshadow pigment. She then proceeds to punch through the backdrop of the set before just fully tearing through it with her whole body. In retaliation, Kylie steals one of Kendall’s hair extensions which she brandishes like a war trophy and then displays on her own head. After Kylie puts more purple eyeshadow powder all over Kendall’s face, the two end with setting spray which they duly get in their eyes and mouths. 

Watch the chaos for yourself below.