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Tetris collection

Get stacking! A Tetris-inspired make-up collection is here

Serve retro looks with NYX cosmetics’ latest collection

In 1984, Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnov created a video game that would become one of the best-selling franchises of all time. Often slated as one the great OG video game, Tetris has sold over 202 million copies. It has inspired countless spin-offs, music, research studies, and even architecture. Now, NYX cosmetics has joined the hype with a Tetris-themed make-up collection.

The limited-edition collection will launch on March 28 and includes lip liners, lip kits,  and an eye shadow palette that’s made to look like a Tetris game. There’s also colour quad sets, with Tetris-themed names such as Ghost Piece, Matrix, and Hard Drop, allowing users to create looks evocative of the original tetriminos shapes.

Back in January, Colourpop launched an Animal Crossing-themed make-up collection, featuring eyeshadow palettes inspired by various Animal Crossing characters. 

The NYX Tetris collection is available from NYX on March 28.