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@avanireyes via TikTok

There’s another Gorilla Glue Girl and we’re so tired of this saga

Somebody please glue my eyelids shut

Right. By now, you’ll be familiar with the legacy of Gorilla Glue Girl – AKA Tessica Brown – the unfortunate woman who switched her regular hair glue for Gorilla Glue and a month later, was still stuck with it. 

After multiple washes, a trip to the hospital, and a scalp burn from acetone, Brown was finally freed at the end of last week thanks to a trip to a cosmetic surgeon in LA, who used a medical-grade glue remover to unstick her head. Although there were rumours that Brown was planning to sue Gorilla Glue, she has now announced that she will be donating the $24k she raised on GoFundMe to charity. 

Happy ending, right? Well, sort of. In an attempt to prove that the ordeal was just a joke – it wasn’t – rapper Len Martin glued a Solo Cop to his lip and attempted to lick it off. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work and he had to go to the hospital to have it removed. Martin later found out that if the damage doesn’t heal correctly, he will have to have part of his lip removed. 

OK, so that’s the end now, right? Right? Wrong! Apparently, some people have been living under a rock because there is now another Gorilla Glue Girl. Make-up TikToker Avani Reyes went viral over the weekend in a video that shows her attempting to comb her matted hair that has been glued down. “You guys, my hair will not comb,” she says. ‘But why did she put glue in her hair?‘, you ask? We‘d love to know too, so please do mail in with your answers. Comments on later videos suggest that there was an initial video of the glue being put in which was later taken down by the platform. 

Unsurprisingly, Reyes has not been given the same sympathy as Brown, with comments on her videos suggesting she only did it for clout. Videos that have followed the original have seen her go to the hospital and allegedly set up a GoFundMe (no link can be found) to afford the money to fly to LA. Watch the videos below to pass judgement. And while you’re at it, STOP. PUTTING. GORILLA. GLUE. IN. YOUR. HAIR. 


Don’t put gorilla in your hair ##gorillapain

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