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mona leanne makeup artist product review highlighter
Courtesy of Mona Leanne

This make-up must-have will give any look an ethereal iridescence

Bringing an extra glow to your skin, London-based make-up artist Mona Leanne chooses L’Oréal Paris’s Glow Mon Amour Liquid Highlighting drops as her Product of the Week

Mona Leanne is a make-up artist from London. When she’s not working with brands like Vivienne Westwood, Charles Jeffrey, or Dilara Findikoglu, she can be found transforming Shygirl into one her many alter-egos. Here, she shares her choice for Product of the Week – a weekly round-up of the Dazed Beauty team and wider community’s must-have buys. 


Brand: L’Oréal Paris

Product: Glow Mon Amour Liquid Highlighting drops in Champagne

Price: £9.99


I first discovered this product many years ago backstage at fashion week and it has been a kit staple of mine ever since. As well as giving the skin an ethereal iridescence that you would expect from a highlighter, the drops also leave an intense wet look to the skin which is a winning combination for me. I often gravitate towards creating a really otherworldly alien-like skin in my work and this product helps me achieve that perfectly.

Unlike a lot of highlighters these drops aren’t glittery, the effect is much more pearl-like with the added bonus of that high impact, mirror shine. So when applied, the light bounces off the skin in such a way that it appears hyper smooth and almost glass-like. 

To create dimension I like to apply it to all the high points of the face where the light will really catch it. I will normally do this using a fluffy makeup brush so I can ensure that all the edges are seamlessly blended into the skin. I have also been known to cover the entire body with the drops, you can add a couple or a lot of drops to any moisturiser to cover larger areas. 

The drops are available in two different shades (Champagne and Bellini) which I have tried and tested many times and they beautifully cater to all skin tones. 


It smells like... the inside of a seashell. 

Who would use it... Barbarella. I know the 60s was much more about powdered skin, but if she was around now, I think she would wear it. 

If it was an astrological sign it would be… Pisces. Firstly because that’s my sign, but secondly because it looks like something from the underwater world.