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sensorium beauty brow engineer Alexis stone bleach
Courtesy of Berny Ferreira, @bernyferr

This new beauty launch will give you bleached brows without the commitment

Glow Up’s Berny Ferreira gives the lowdown on Sensorium Beauty – Alexis Stone’s new brand – and its hero multipurpose product Brow Engineer for the latest Product of the Week

Berny Ferreira is a Portuguese make-up artist from London. You may also recognise him from series two of TV make-up competition Glow Up, where he often sported a banana print bucket hat. Here, he shares his choice for Product of the Week – a weekly round-up of the Dazed Beauty team and wider community’s must-have buys. 


Brand: Sensorium Beauty 

Product: Brow Engineer (in Platinum, Bleached, or Ash)

Price: £12.95


I found out about Brow Engineer through Instagram, after Alexis Stone announced their new make-up range, Sensorium Beauty – I was instantly drawn to it! 

My brows have been destroyed by Elmer’s glue sticks and vol 40 hair bleach, but with this product, I can get rid of my brows and create more room on my face to paint when doing looks. 

 With one dip into the container, I brush my brow hairs downwards against the grain until I’m content with the level of coverage I have applied to the inner layer of the brow hairs. Then I brush the hairs upwards and apply the product across the brow until any sign of my natural brow colour is no longer visible. You can also use a medium-sized flat concealer brush to cut your crease or to define and sharpen the eyebrow. 

The formula promises a full coverage and high impact finish that will last all day. Once, I even fell asleep with one brow covered up – after having a play with them – and it was still going strong in the morning, so longevity is definitely guaranteed. 

“Once, I even fell asleep with one brow covered up and it was still going strong in the morning, so longevity is definitely guaranteed”

It’s got a really flexible formula that doesn’t make your brows feel too tough, like brow gels can often do. It feels just right and super lightweight. I can imagine this product would be amazing for make-up artists who may have a client or model who doesn’t want their brows being bleached for real. This is a comfortable, fast and realistic alternative to brow bleaching.

Not only is it a brow product, but it’s also a multi use full coverage base cream, it’s great for calving out the brows and crease for a sharp finish, and also great used lightly over the lid as a base for eyeshadow. It’s not often you see brow products which can be used in so many ways. 

If you’re scared to bleach your brows but love the look, or want a super creamy and full coverage product to sharpen your brows and cut your crease, then I thoroughly recommend Brow Engineer, it’s magical.


It sounds like... “Wax the Nip” by Aphex Twin. 

Who would use it... Hana from Tokyo Godfathers would definitely use this to cut the hell out of her crease I reckon.

If it was an astrological sign it would be… Definitely Aries! Mainly because I’m an Aries and can be pretty extra. You can create super cray and exaggerated eye looks with this, so it’s perfect.