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Georgia Moot
Georgia Moot

This skincare necessity protects and gives you a summer glow all year long

Model and Dazed 100er Georgia Moot chooses Supergoop!’s Glowscreen SPF 40 as her Product of the Week

Georgia Moot is a model, presenter, and Dazed 100er. She wants to bring sun protection to the forefront of the beauty conversation, which makes sense when you read on. Here, she shares her choice for Product of the Week – a weekly round-up of the Dazed Beauty team and wider community’s must-have buys. 


Brand: Supergoop!

Product: Glowscreen SPF 40

Price: £32 


When I was younger I felt pretty indifferent about sunscreen. I *falsely* assumed that because I lived in England I didn't need it – even on holiday I would scrimp on the lotion as I naively chased a tan. The only associations that came to mind when I thought of sun lotion were nice beach smells and memories of the blue waterproof stuff reluctantly being slapped on me as a child. 

Luckily in my late teenage years, my mum started imparting her skin based wisdom on me and I eventually took it in. This education from my mother only increased as she (a woman with vitiligo) moved to a sun-soaked California where the need for sunscreen was immediate, and thus it was her who tipped me off about this product! 

I love that Glowscreen glides on, sits so well under make-up and provides a natural glow. I can be a tad bit lazy when it comes to skincare and make-up, so the fact that it is a two in one product is a bit hit for me. It covers both my practical and aesthetic needs, meaning I can head out the door protected and looking slightly less drained (which is a real feat in these pandemic times).


If this product was one of the astrological signs it would be… A Leo 100000000 per cent, because it’s extra. It could have just stuck to being a sunscreen but had to add a little bit of spice and glow. It commands attention and I love it.

Who would use it... A Disney princess, I feel like they all have a good glow to them!

If this product was a meme what would it be... It would be a warning against this meme.