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TikTok boyfriends pranked
Via TikTok @aileenchristineee, @kyleandjade_, and @aaronxpia

Squeaky clean-a vageena: TikTok boyfriends sent to buy fake period products

Clueless men are being pranked by their partners, who are sending them into stores looking for sanitary items that don’t exist

Women on TikTok are pranking their boyfriends by sending them into supermarkets looking for fake period products.

In one video, shared by one half of TikTok’s best couple, Aileen Christine asked her boyfriend, Deven Rasie, to pick up an item called ‘squeaky clean-a vageena’. When he returns to the car empty handed, Rasie tells Christine he’s never trusting her again.

“Squeaky clean-a vageena? I knew that wasn’t a thing!” he says as Christine laughs. Rasie goes on to explain that he asked the salesperson for the fake brand name. “What does it do?” she responded, to which Rasie replied: “I’m like, ‘Well I assume it keeps your vageen-a clean-a!’ And she started laughing. Then she was like, ‘Does your girlfriend have TikTok by any chance?’”

In the caption, Christine thanks @aaronxpia for the inspiration for the video. A month earlier, Pia started the trend, asking her boyfriend, Aaron, to pick up ‘super jumbo tampons with wings’. When Aaron returns to the car, he tells his girlfriend: “They literally had no idea what I was talking about. They had to call two more people over to see what I was talking about. I looked like an idiot.”


How am I supposed to keep my vageen-a squeaky clean-a now 🙄😂 @devenchris IB: @kyleandjade_

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Another girlfriend, one half of @meetthethorpes, also pranked her boyfriend, sending him to buy ‘magic fwem fwem fresh 2000’. “They looked at me like I was a crackhead,” he complains. “The cashier was like, ‘What? Yo, Tanisha, come and listen to what this idiot is saying’. First of all, I’m not an idiot. Then Tanisha was like, ‘Have we got any more ‘fwem fwem fresh’’, and everyone started to laugh.”

A video shared by @kyleandjade_ sees Jade asking her boyfriend, Kyle, to buy ‘oochie cooch 3000’. “She looked at me like I was stupid,” he tells her when he returns to the car, “then said, ‘Hold up, let me check’. Grabbed the freaking microphone and asked, ‘Guys, does anybody know if we sell the ‘oochie cooch 3000’?’ Why everybody bust out laughing?”

TBC if any of the videos are actually real, but, either way, they offer some lighthearted relief at the expense of men, so sign me up. Watch some of the best below.