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ladygaga haus labs skincare brand rumour

Is Lady Gaga skincare dropping soon?

Glowing skin is the norm on Chromatica

Since they launched Haus Labs, Lady Gaga and brand collaborator and global artistry director Sarah Tanno have captured fans with their no-nonsense, high impact drops. 

Now, fans are speculating that Gaga might be branching out into skincare, joining the likes of Rihanna’s Fenty Skin or Pharrell’s Humanrace

Posting a video of herself on Instagram, the caption read: “First step to good make-up is skincare... I believe almost all skin problems are cause by disruption of skin barrier and microbiome. My trick is to use solutions that balance my skin by interrupting any inflammation caused by free-radicals or products. So... I use products I develop... exclusively for me.” 

While Haus Labs reps have remained silent, fans went wild speculating in the comments. “WHAT DOES IT MEAN,” said one, while another added that Gaga is the “queen of skincare”. Adding to the mystery, the @hauslabs account simply commented “👀”, so keep your eyes peeled in 2021.