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mehron rigid collodion scarring liquid Halloween SFX
Courtesy of Hatti Rees

This Halloween must-have will give you horrifying results with no effort

Artist, musician, make-up artist, and Dazed Beauty Community member Hatti Rees chooses Mehron’s Rigid Collodion for a spooky edition of Product of the Week

Hatti Rees is a Dazed Beauty Community member and ‘hysterically artistic’ creator. Hatti once did a look wearing an adult nappy covered in fake poo and their goal is to telepathically communicate with a family of possums. Here, they share their choice for Product of the Week – a weekly round-up of the Dazed Beauty team and wider community’s must-have buys.


Brand: Mehron

Product: Rigid Collodion scarring liquid

Price: £5.35


Some of my oldest ‘SFX’ (they wish!) make-ups I experimented with were as a child using latex and tissue-paper to give the illusion of ripped skin, scars, and cuts. I was always obsessed with the drama and possibilities of bending the realities of the human-face so arriving at Rigid Collodion in later life was expected. I have also been watching loads of gangster films in the last few weeks (my current phase of lockdown) and I think Scarface has been subliminally messaging me.

I heard about Rigid Collodion a few years ago but was always too scared to try it because of the cautions and guidelines the product comes with. As a SFX product, the idea of something actively wrinkling my skin terrified me. As I’ve been dabbling more recently with prosthetics, scar wax, and face gels, I finally felt ready to try this magical beast of illusion! It’s the stinky sister of Spirit Gum, with a magic twist – just three layers and a bit of concealer/eye pencil and you have a realistic looking scar!

“Anyone who wants to look like they’ve seen some shit in life can pick up this product and walk out into the world looking like a tough guy. It’s easier than doing eye-liner!”

I sketched out where I wanted my battle wounds to be and then applied three layers, waiting three minutes between each layer. I then used a small brush to mottle over the top some liquid concealer, followed by a pink MAC cream pigment, some deep red from my Kryolan Bruise wheel, and finished with setting powder. It is really so simple! Anyone who wants to look like they’ve seen some shit in life can pick up this product and walk out into the world looking like a tough guy. It’s easier than doing eye-liner!

As the Rigid Collodion dries, it puckers the skin creating a divet to give the illusion of a deep indented scar (it works best on the fatty parts of your face like cheeks and brow!) This product is great because you don’t have to build like you would with latex or gels, this magic formula does all the heavy-lifting! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s wanting to express their pain through scars on their face and look a bit meaner when they go to face the world >:( !

Warning: Proceed with caution and don’t re-apply scars to the same parts of the face repeatedly in a short space of time! She’s dangerous! 


If this product was one of the astrological signs it would be... Scorpio because her rivets run deep and she’s a little bit dangerous! 

If I could go back in time and give this product to anybody it would be... Abraham Lincoln so he could have a really mean-looking portrait on the dollar bill.