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Harry Styles Another Man
Another Man Issue 23Photography Alasdair McLellan, Styling Alister Mackie

Harry Styles cut his hair off and fans have a lot of feelings about it

Emotions are running high in the Harry Styles fandom

Harry Styles has been through a journey with his hair. From the famous cherub curls he was introduced to us with on the X Factor to the shaggy rock and roll cut that became his trademark towards the end of One Direction, his hair has been long and it has been short and at every stage has invited adoration and a multitude of opinions.

Most recently, Styles has been sporting a mid-length, heartthrob style to wear alongside his Gucci just-raided-your-grandma’s-wardrobe style. But, earlier this week, new photos emerged that revealed Styles has chopped off his hair for a look closer to the short-at-the-sides military cut he wore while starring as a soldier in Dunkirk. Fans, as you might expect, had some feelings about it. 

“SO WE WENT FROM FRAT BOY HARRY TO DUNKIRK HARRY IN LIKE A WEEK- OKAY” tweeted one enthusiastic fan, while another wrote “all the dunkirk harry stans are freaking out right now i just know it.”

“This is dunkirk harry but UPGRADED bc of the curls in top... im living,” said another. 

The general consensus for why this cut has come about is that it is for the Olivia Wilde-directed psychological thriller Don't Worry, Darling which he is starring in alongside Florence Pugh and Dakota Johnson and is due to begin filming soon. The film will be set in a utopian community in the California desert during the 1950s, with Pugh taking on the role of a housewife who discovers something disturbing about her “perfect” life.

It was also announced last month that Styles will be starring in an adaptation of My Policeman, a queer love story set in 1950s Brighton.