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Glow in the dark nails are here just in time for spooky season

You glow girl!

Is there a trend that Bella Hadid isn’t behind the inception of? We’ll get back to you on that one... In the meantime, you literally can try your hand at the latest trend she’s backing: glow in the dark nails. 

Courtesy of nail wizard Mei Kawajiri – AKA @nailsbymei – the model showed off her cute magic mushroom set, revealing on her Instagram Story that they also glow in the dark. As spooky season rolls in – Halloween is only 25 days away – this new nail trend has come at just the right time.

Whether you’re paying homage to It or giving your jack-o’-lantern an eerie glow, there are a number of ways to create your own, whether using nail strips, glow in the dark polish or powders. 

For the more faint-hearted among you, the nail trend doesn’t have to be exclusively spooky, oooky, Babadooky, but can be interpreted in any way you like. @luliznails went for a twist on the classic French tips and @anhstoppablenails combined the glowing trend with on-trend cow print, while Florida-based artist @tengoku_nails created a fungal-inspired set like Kawajiri. 

Below, are some of our fave glow in the dark nail sets.