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Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star has been accused of sexual assault and violence with weapons

The allegations include using a taser on a homeless teen and then performing oral sex on him without consent

New allegations have surfaced accusing beauty influencer Jeffree Star of sexual assault, physical assult, including with weapons, and offering hush money to his victims.

Multiple former associates of Star have come forward alleging they witnessed violent and abusive behavior on multiple occasions during the late-2000s from the influencer, including multiple allegations of sexual assault. As part of an Insider investigation, these people claim that Star would grope men without consent and use close-range stun guns to hurt and intimidate people around him. 

In one 2009 incident corroborated by five witnesses, Star used a taser on homeless teen Gage Arthur who had rejected his affections in a cinema. Arthur later stayed the night in Star's apartment, and told Insider that Star gave him Ambien until he was intoxicated and forcibly performed oral sex on him without his consent. The full in-depth story including witness accounts and evidence can be found in Insider’s story.

Star’s attorney has denied the allegations of physical and sexual violence to Insider. After correspondence between Star’s attorney and Insider in which details of the allegations were discussed, Insider reported that several people who had made on-the-record claims about Star's conduct contacted it to change their stories.

Insider claims it obtained text messages showing two of the on-the-record sources for its article discussing what they said was a $10,000 offer from Star to recant their allegations. One accuser and two claimed witnesses – all of whom had provided on-the-record accounts to Insider in which they said they saw or experienced Star engaging in violence – ultimately did change or retract their stories.

Over the last few years, Star has created a beauty empire for himself, with a highly successful make-up brand and a social media following of over 30 million followers. The journey has not been without controversy, however.

Alongside his near constant involvement with every drama going in the YouTube community including feuds with almost everyone, Star has a long history of racist behaviour. Among countless documented incidents, the beauty mogul has been on caught on video telling a woman to “shut up you fucking n*****’re a n***** you ugly ass bitch” and reportedly joked he wanted to throw battery acid on a black woman to lighten her skin to match her foundation. He also called fellow beauty blogger Jackie Aina a “gorilla” and has been pictured with white supremacist symbols including confederate flags and swastikas.

Despite Star’s behaviour, brands and other influencers have continued to work with him. In July, Aina ended her relationship with make-up brand Morphe over its continued partnership with Star. “I refuse to align myself with a company that continues to retail antiblack racist beauty brands,” she wrote. The following week, Morphe announced it was cutting ties with Star and his make-up brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

In June, beauty influencer Kameron Lester called out Star for tokenising and silencing him when they worked together.