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Dolphin Skin

Everything you need to achieve the new dolphin skin trend

All the best products to get your dewiest skin yet

You’ve heard of dewy skin. You’ve heard of glass skin. But have you heard of dolphin skin? It’s the latest trend of hyper-glowing skin perfect for these balmy summer days.

It’s skin so dewy and glowy that you might have just emerged from the crystal clear ocean, your skin still glistening and gleaming with water droplets. So dewy and glowy that someone – if they are far away and have poor eyesight – might mistake you for the slippery-smooth skin of a dolphin or a freshly glazed doughnut. 

The term was coined by celebrity make-up artist Mary Philips who originally tested the look out on Hailey Beiber. The trick to the trend is layering up on a series of highlighters and dewy products to maximise on sheen. Remember this shouldn’t be glittery or shimmery, steer clear of anything that has large particles of glitter. The aim is wet, glassy and silky smooth.

Here are our top picks to help you achieve that perfect dolphin glisten.