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Fenty Skin Rihanna beauty campaign asap rocky

Rihanna is joined by Lil Nas X and A$AP Rocky in new Fenty Skin campaign

Ahead of the launch on July 31, the singer also explained the concept behind her new venture

Any mention of R9 – Rihanna’s extremely overdue upcoming album – these days is usually the butt of a joke. And it’s exactly how the singer is treating it, deciding her latest venture would be into skincare. 

After launching the Instagram account for Fenty Skin last week, Rih promised that the line would be for everyone, since skincare has no gender. “The true sin would be leaving my guys out! Not up in here!” she said when asked by a fan if the products would be for men. 

Upholding that, the debut campaign for the new line features rappers Lil Nas X and A$AP Rocky, who feature alongside the singer. In a video promo, a group of models – including Jazzelle Zanaughtti – are lounging in the sun by the pool before being joined by RiRi and the rappers. Not a single person featured isn’t glowing – thanks to the 

In addition to the campaign, Rihanna also explained on Twitter why she wanted to move into skincare – after working on Fenty Skin for over two years. “Everything starts with the foundation that is your skin and we all know how obsessed I am with beautiful, healthy skin- so whether you want to wear make-up, or no make-up at all, there’s always glowing skin underneath,” she explains. 

If you want that Fenty Skin glow – let’s be honest, who doesn’t – you don’t have long to wait, with the collection dropping on July 31, or two days earlier on July 29 if you sign-up to the waitlist. 

Watch the campaign promo below.