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Oils in the Clouds
courtesy of TRIP

Say hello to TRIP – the CBD brand that tastes like a dream

The CBD brand has answered our wishes and released a CBD oil that doesn’t have the aftertaste of an edible

In the past few years, CBD has flooded the wellness market, becoming the hot new ingredient for everything from serums to supplements. It’s no wonder, really, when the benefits range from anxiety reduction to anti-inflammatory properties. By 2022, the CBD market is predicted to be worth $22 billion. It’s so popular, in fact, that at one point last year there were more searches for ‘CBD’ than ‘Pornhub’. And now, with the chronic levels of stress we’ve been experiencing thanks to the global pandemic, even more of us are turning to CBD products to help calm our anxious minds and bodies. In fact, 49 per cent of millennial CBD consumers said they planned to use more CBD during the pandemic.

If you’re anything like me, however, while you’ve enjoyed the feeling that CBD oil can bring, the taste – tolerable at best, unbearable at worst – has often stood as an obstacle to a fully pleasant experience. It’s something that Olivia Ferdi, co-founder of TRIP can relate to. “I’ve always loved the way I felt after using CBD oils, but hated the bitter, earthy taste!” she says. “And I was bored of every brand looking exactly the same – brown bottles, plain labels and green logos.” With this is mind, she set out to make a change.

Founded in 2019 by Olivia and husband Dan, TRIP started out as a successful line of CBD beverages before the two decided to branch out into oils when they could no longer ignore the number of requests they were receiving from their customers. And they are a game-changer. Launching with two flavours, the high quality oils come in wild mint and orange blossom versions each available in two strengths and packaged in cute millennial pink and blue bottles – think Glossier for CBD.

“Starting with the packaging, we wanted everything about the product to reflect TRIP’s values of being playful, aesthetically pleasing and most important high quality,” says Olivia. “The effects of the CBD are just as important to us as the rituals you create when you take TRIP. Marking that moment of recalibration – focusing just on yourself.” Whether you are looking for these moments of quiet self-contemplation while at work, after a long day with friends, or as you unwind before bed, TRIP wants to be there for you. “These moments aren’t limited to a particular personality or behaviour, so we truly believe TRIP is here for everyone.”

Drawing on their experience of the field of culinary CBD products, Olivia and Dan experimented with a huge amount of flavours before settling on the final two combinations both of which are delicious and refreshing. The orange blossom recalls the warm flavours of a Chocolate Orange while the wild mint – my personal favourite – is minty cool and instantly calming with its chamomile extract. During lockdown I’ve found them to be a blessing, helping to allievate my increased headaches and calm me down when things feel overwhelming.

The oils are a unique blend of organically grown, locally-sourced hemp, MCT oil derived from coconuts and natural adaptogens infused with chamomile for its soothing and calming benefits. Something which is much needed at the moment which is why the brand decided to accelerate their launch. “With lockdown anxiety transforming our daily routines, the desire for oils had intensified,” says Olivia, explaining that people seeking natural stress relief saw their online sales increasing by 500 per cent. When the world can feel particularly bleak and overwhelming at the moment, we need all the help we can get and TRIP is always there for their customers. “We wanted to offer some comfort in these stressful times.” 

To find out more about TRIP’s new CBD oils visit their website here.