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Kristen Stewart hair

Orange is the hot new hair trend for isolation dye jobs

The new lockdown hair trend is peachy

As most of us around the world continue to socially isolate ourselves, a few activities have emerged as ways to pass the time while we are stuck at home: creating TikTok accounts, playing Animal Crossing, masturbating, baking bread, and making drastic hair changes.

While there is no access to professional salons at the moment, no one is letting that stop them from using their hair as canvases for creative expression, whether that’s a buzzcut, an isolation fringe à la Bella Hadid and Rosalía, or a technicolour DIY dye job.

While pink was an initial favourite lockdown pick, orange is now emerging as the hot new hue. Kristen Stewart was an early adopter, getting in a session with her longtime hairstylist CJ Romero just before Los Angeles went into lockdown. While Stewart opted for a bright, almost neon pumpkin orange, Dua Lipa, another orange convert, has elected to go for a slightly more subdued, pastel peach courtesy of boyfriend Anwar Hadid who is acting as Lipa’s full-time stylist while in isolation. He previously helped her go pink. 

Here we round up the best of the DIY isolation dye jobs. And if you are thinking of making a change, let us help guide you through it. Whether you are bleaching itcutting your own fringe or shaving it all off. No access to hair dye? No problem! Just head to your cupboard for the Kool-Aid.