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Revisiting the time Gerard Way was the original beauty blogger

Take a make-up lesson with the My Chemical Romance frontman

At this point in time, the beauty blogger is a well-established figure on the internet scene with everyone more or less familiar with the concept of a tutorial. Back in 2007, however, the genre was still being conceived and it had an unlikely figure leading the way – My Chemical Romance frontman and eyeliner aficionado Gerard Way. Yes, that’s right, Gerard Way was the OG beauty guru. 

Appearing on Steven’s Untitled Rock Show circa 2007, Way demonstrates for host Steven Smith how to create his dramatic emo concert look. Grabbing his make-up bag and a roll of masking tape, like all good beauty bloggers Way starts off by showing us the products he will be using: some white make-up from MAC Cosmetics, an Urban Decay eyeshadow in the shade ‘Gash’, and Ben Nye make-up which he describes as “horror movie make-up.”

Way then moves straight into the tutorial, showing Smith how he first covers his entire face in the white paint with a small sponge. “Basically you try to make yourself as dead looking as possible,” he says. “Did you go to clown college for this?” Smith responds. Way then shows the host the best way to cover your lips, making sure that you get all the creases.

As the two get ready, Way chats about how being half Italian is a “bummer” because it means he tans really easily, his time at art school and how his bandmate Frank is the only one who knows how to tie a tie. 

The singer then demonstrates how he tapes off parts of his face before painting them black. Placing masking tape across Smith’s face, he explains he learned the technique of masking in art school. He then applies black face paint, first with a sponge, then with a brush, before pulling off the tape. “You gotta do it kind of slow so that it’s painful,” he advises in true sad boy style.

With the emo revival well underway, it’s the perfect time to bring this forgotten tutorial back. Studded belts and side-fringes at the ready. 

Watch the full tutorial below.