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Reebok x Très Rasché
Photography Toki

Behind the extreme beauty looks of the Reebok x Très Rasché collab

‘Beauty to Très Rasché is being fearlessly yourself’

Reebok’s latest collection revolves around the concepts of duality and self-expression through fashion.

“Unlock Yourself”, the brand’s collaboration with unisex label Très Rasché, features futuristic clothing and footwear, with each piece fashioned in 3M reflective material that exposes hidden detail unlocked by the flash of a camera. The collection includes two iterations of Reebok’s historic Club C 85 sneaker, a tracksuit, and socks, with Très Rasché's signature monogram incorporated into each product. 

The hair and make-up looks that accompany the new collaboration are equally as out of this world. “The concept behind the shoot is duality and the journey of self-identity – maybe all we ever needed to do is embrace the different sides of ourselves,” explains Très Rasché CEO Madisen Sowers-Dominici. “Our goal was to show the contrasting sides of someone's identity, which evolved into some extremely extreme beauty.” 

Spiked hair and slicked fringes are characteristic of the “extreme beauty” that features in the campaign, alongside glitter eye palettes that reflect the light just like the material incorporated into the pieces. The futuristic makeup is accentuated by white lenses and bold, outlined lips.

“Hair, make-up, beauty, and style were critical elements in bringing our concept to life. We used these elements to show personal evolution, transition, and self-expression. We chose models who we personally know to live fearlessly with their identity. The message is to embody and embrace the diversity that lives within us. To live fearlessly in your beauty (identity), whether you were born with it or you chose it. Fuck everything else.”

When drawing inspiration for the beauty, Sowers-Dominici asked the models to share the personal transitions they had experienced in their own lives, and the multidimensional aspect of their identity, or the two different sides of themselves they embrace.

The glam team Jake Gallagher and Mona Leanne worked with models Khleo and Kai Isaiah Jamal to create looks that felt both true to Très Rasché and that paid homage to the models' personality. “Both Khleo and Kai are fearless in who they are so it all is really authentic, which was important to us while deciding on beauty. We wanted to share a real story and experience,” Sowers-Dominici says.

“The design for our Tres Reebok collaboration is about embodying two opposite perspectives in one design, which is why the shoe appears simple and clean but with one flash photo, it transforms into a bright and loud shoe. Khleo has spent her entire life using beauty and fashion as an armour, she transforms into a different time period and mood almost daily. She is literally a chameleon. Kai is on a personal journey through transition, living boldly in his chosen identity. Khloe and Kai are both heroic in their style and self-expression and it was an honour to collaborate with them.”

“Beauty to Très Rasché is being fearlessly yourself”

Models: @khleopatre @kai_isaiah_jamal Photographer: @toki_39 Hair: @jakegallagherhair Makeup: @monaleannemakeup Director: @reminhoo Stylist: @coradelaneyAnimation: @jordchappell Producer: @anissafuh Composer: @gamatheblackSet build: @j2klive Artistic Director: @madbadting Assistants: @aswanrosamarine @jadziascott_ @deshiramadj