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Kat Von D
courtesy of Instagram/@thekatvond

Kat Von D has stepped away from her beauty brand

The founder will no longer be involved with Kat Von D Beauty in any capacity

Kat Von D has left her namesake beauty brand after 12 years and will no longer be involved in any capacity it has been announced.

The tattoo artist and beauty entrepreneur has sold her ownership shares of Kat Von D Beauty to partner Kendo, the LVMH beauty incubator, which will now have complete control of all operations. To reflect the transition, the make-up line is being re-branded to KVD Vegan Beauty – a change that has already been set in motion on the brand’s Instagram account.

The existing Kat Von D Beauty product line-up will remain the same, according to the brand, and the company will continue to develop new vegan and cruelty-free products under the new ownership. 

Citing changes including the birth of her son, the launch of her vegan shoe line, and the upcoming release of her album, Von D says she could no longer balance everything. “I'd like to thank my beloved fans+followers who supported my vision to create a brand that stood for compassion, true artistry, and challenged modern ideals of beauty – most of which I never could relate to,” she wrote in her announcement. “ I was able to create a make-up line that made outsiders like me feel like we have a place in this ‘beauty’ world, and gave myself and others the tools to express ourselves in our own unique way, whether it was embraced by the majority or not. And I just couldn’t have done any of this without you!

Since launching in 2008, Kat Von D Beauty has had its share of successes as well as controversies. A lipstick in the shade ‘Lolita’ turned into a bona fide phenomenon, becoming Sephora’s best-selling lipstick in the US, with one dusty rose shade being sold once every minute around the world. According to WWD, Kat Von D Beauty was expected to generate about $2 million its first year. Instead, it made an estimated $12 million. The brand is still one of Sephora’s most successful brands. 

However, various product names have caused backlash over the years including a lipstick called “Celebutard” and a shade named “Underage Red”. Elsewhere, fans also took issue with a tarot card-inspired palette which they felt was not respectful of the culture.