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Billie Eilish
courtesy of Instagram/@billieeilish

RIP Billie Eilish’s slime green roots

You will be missed

Billie Eilish has always been experimental with her hair, swapping silver for blue, blue for turquoise, turquoise for black, always with ease. When she debuted slime green roots earlier this year, the look became instantly iconic. Fans freaked out, beauty editors swooned, and celebrities left and right recreated the look for their Halloween parties.

At a time when it seemed like every hair colour and style had been done and done again, Eilish’s inverted dip-dye was a refreshing splash of newness in a staid and stagnant pond. But, now the time has come to say so long, farewell to the neon lime roots.

Yesterday, Eilish dropped the video for new single, “xanny”. The 17-year-old’s directorial debut sees Eilish stare hauntingly down the barrel of the camera as hands appear from out of shot and burn her with cigarettes. 

For the video, Eilish also ditched her now-signature green roots for a mousey, middle-of-the-road brown. Considering her penchant for wild colours, this softer style is almost her most shocking look yet, radical in its dullness.

While it remains unclear whether the new shade is just for the video or a more permanent change, after years of bleaching and an accidental mullet from a dying mishap, Eilish’s hair may well be in need of some restoration and TLC. See the hair for yourself, below. 

UPDATE 08/12/19:

False alarm, everyone, it turns out that the brown hair is, in fact, just a wig. Eilish reassured fans on her Instagram stories yesterday, writing "issa wig dont worry," and has since been spotted out with her green roots back in business. Phew.