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Huda Kattan
Courtesy of Huda Beauty

We speak to Huda Kattan about her first eyeliner launch with Huda Beauty

The eyeliner obsessive tells us why she finally caved to demand

Huda Kattan has long been an eyeliner aficionado, rarely seen without her signature winged-flick, so it was really only a matter of time before she caved to fan demand and brought out her very own eyeliner with Huda Beauty.

As an eyeliner obsessive, Kattan was initially reluctant to bring out her own version when there were already so many great ones on the market, she says, but after strong demand from both her followers and team alike, she was finally persuaded. “I let my team explore the idea of a Huda Beauty eyeliner. Initially, I was against it, but they found a formula that was truly extraordinary and I couldn’t help but fall in love,” she tells us. “The formula they found was so different from anything I’d ever tried before.” 

Wanting to ensure that the Huda eyeliner was the highest quality it could be, Kattan and her team spent three long years developing the perfect product. “We spent so much time on Life Liner,” says Kattan. “It was a really complex process but really special because we finally got to a point where we were so impressed with what we created.”

What they did create was Life Liner: a dual-ended eyeliner that’s part liquid and part pencil and all-around waterproof, smudge-proof and fade-proof. The liquid liner stays put for up to 48 hours and is applied with a brush which Kattan says took the team three months to achieve. Meanwhile, the creamy pencil liner will last up to eight hours with no need to sharpen. 

“I am obsessed with eyeliner! I cannot go a day without it. It can honestly change the eye shape, lift the eyes, make you look more awake and draw necessary attention to the eyes. Liner just makes me feel feminine, beautiful and sexy,” Kattan says. “We’re launching our own eyeliner now because we’re finally there, we’ve finally perfected it.”  

Life Liner retails at £22 and launches in September, starting at on September 12 before coming to online retailers on September 18 and in stores on September 25.