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Jenny van Sommers Jelly
'Jelly Roles'Jenny van Sommers

The best jelly products for summer

If you want that dewy summer glow or make-up that won’t stick to your skin, you’re ready for this jelly

Forget caffeine, forget clay, forget manuka honey, the beauty industry has a new obsession: jelly. It’s summer, you’re sweaty, your powdered make-up is clogging up your pores, just sitting there unblended, your lotions and potions are too heavy, and whatever else that was lying at the bottom on your make-up bag has started congealing on your skin. Just stop, it’s time, you’re ready for this jelly. Lightweight, long-lasting, hydrating, easily blendable, and cooling on the skin, the K beauty-born trend is your new best friend this summer, whether that's in skincare or in make-up. Yup, we’re talking jelly bronzers, jelly lipsticks, jelly highlighters, jelly everything. Want that dewy summer glow? Jelly. That healthy glassy sheen? Jelly. Here are some of the best finds below.