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Urban Decay Pretty Different

Lizzo and Ezra Miller star in Urban Decay’s new campaign

Joey King, Karol G and CL also feature

Urban Decay has unveiled its latest campaign, starring five new ambassadors for the brand: Lizzo, Ezra Miller (a proven make-up lover), South-Korean singer and rapper CL, actress Joey King and Karol G, a Colombian reggaeton singer.

Entitled ‘Pretty Different’, the campaign sets out Urban Decay’s manifesto of embracing individuality and challenging beauty standards. “To embody the vision that beauty is not about standards, Urban Decay has partnered with five individuals who are Pretty Different,” the brand explains in its announcement. “They are unique, they are powerful, they are inspiring, they push boundaries. THEY ARE THE UD GLOBAL CITIZENS.”

Set in a dystopian future, dominated by a singular vision of beauty – one that doesn’t look all too different from our current present – the video opens on a crew of pink tracksuit-clad women as they take identical selfies and have their faces airbrushed. Out of this sea of uniformity emerge our Global Citizens, disrupting and rejecting the norm and expressing themselves the way they want to express themselves. Lizzo looks fierce with a metallic blue smokey eye, CL matches her purple lipstick to her eyeliner, while Ezra is serving looks with an immaculate red lip.

These Global Citizens will continue to serve as spokespeople for the brand, advocating the ‘Pretty Different’ ethos and fronting other Urban Decay launches over the year.

Throughout this month, Urban Decay has also been releasing Pride campaigns. Featuring the likes of Casil McArthur and Kamil Oshundara, the short videos promote messages of unity, love and individuality just like the ‘Pretty Different’ campaign.