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Derek Ridgers
Glastonbury 1994Photography Derek Ridgers

Beauty tips for Glastonbury that don’t include cultural appropriation

Put down your bindis and pick up some face stamps instead

It’s Glastonbury, it’s gonna be sunny for once, Stormzy is headlining, you’ll be surrounded by all your mates and maybe even someone you fancy. Of course, you want to look good, you want to look more than good, you want to communicate the kind of blasé, free-spiritedness that only comes from intense planning. But it’s 2019, culturally insensitive beauty props and unsustainable glitter simply won’t do. Don’t be that person, you’re better than that. We get it, it’s hard (not the culturally insensitive stuff that's just obvious), we mean finding something that’s easy to use, is festival appropriate, looks fiyah on, will nourish your skin and won’t harm the planet in the process. So we’ve put a little list together to help you on your way. Happy festival!