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Troye Sivan MAC VIVA GLAM campaign

Troye Sivan and Aquaria front MAC’s VIVA GLAM campaign

The brand is celebrating 25 years of the philanthropic campaign

In 1994, MAC Cosmetics founders Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan set up the MAC AIDS Fund, a philanthropic arm of the company financed by their VIVA Glam lipsticks of which all sale proceeds go to fight to end HIV/AIDS.

Now, twenty-five years later, with $500 million raised, the brand is celebrating a quarter of a century with a campaign fronted by Winnie Harlow. Paying homage to iconic first-ever VIVA GLAM campaign, the shoot sees Harlow re-create the original Ru-Paul images.

Accompanying Winnie in the campaign are MAC ambassadors including Troye Sivan, Aquaria, Eileen Kelly, Jacob Bixenman, Mari Malek, activist Deja Foxx, and choreographer Alex Mugler. In new videos set to a soundtrack of ’You’ve Got the Love,’ Sivan and crew discuss what GLAM means to them. “Glamour means strength and individuality,” Mugler says. “If you’re not celebrating yourself, no one else is going to celebrate you” adds Aquaria.  

With their long-time motto, “All Ages, All Races, All Genders,” MAC has always championed diversity and this campaign is no different.