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Stranger Things

Get the look: hair tips from Stranger Things

With the highly-anticipated, recently dropped trailer for season three, we look back at the mullets, curls and shaved heads of Stranger Things and help you get the look

It happened that very first Halloween after Stranger Things smashed it on Netflix. Everyone was dressed as characters from the series. People wore pink dresses and clutched Eggo boxes. Suddenly you could buy Barb wigs and Demogorgon costumes. It made sense, after all, as the show’s 80s looks were so on point. The hair, in particular – in amongst the demo-dogs and chopper bikes – stood out most. And you’re not alone if you found yourself envying certain styles. But hey, with a few tips, a few key products, you too could be a card-carrying member of the High Hair generation. Take a closer look at these cuts.


The most magnificent mullet in all of Hawkins (aside from Billy, of course) sits atop the head of Steve Harrington, the resident jock with a sensitive side. The chop was commonplace in the 80s, but Steve’s has that extra bounce, with a cowlick that hovers just above the eye. His secret hair tip? “Fabergé Organics,” he says to Dustin. “Use the shampoo and the conditioner, and when your hair’s damp – it’s not wet, okay? – when it’s damp, do four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray.” Amazingly, it’s all his hair. The actor Joe Keery, that is. But yeah, you might have to eBay that Farrah Fawcett spray.


Millie Bobby Brown has had three bold hairstyles in the series: the shaved head, the curly mop (not a wig, as it turns out, but her naturally curly hair), and the slicked-back style with heavy eyeliner combo. The first stands out most, partly because it appears in an ocean of 80s perms, mullets and bowl-cuts. This is the ultimate low-maintenance look, easy to achieve in one brisk buzz to the skull. If you’ve got the guts, that is.


Another Halloween favourite is Barb, Nancy’s hapless friend who meets her fate in the upside down. Her look is like a buttoned-up Molly Ringwald, a wave of red hair neatly combed into a side parting. And, of course, the giant glasses. This is basically how your auntie looks in 2019. Get the look with some red hair dye, some curlers, and retro frames from Select Specs.


Jonathan is the brooding River Phoenix-type dude of the series, the mysterious love interest of Nancy, whose hair says, “I’m in a band”. Jonathan, played by Charlie Heaton, has a slightly messy, straight-outta-bed hairdo. It’s the kind of hair that you have to keep pushing away from your eyes. Again, this is pretty low maintenance. Let it grow, let it fall over your ears, let it go nice and greasy, etc.


Dustin is the goofy kid with a big smile, the fan favourite who even has a Reddit “appreciation” thread dedicated to his hair. His chop fits the impressively big hair trend of the 80s. It’s also impressively curly, as if he’s been sitting under an old perm machine for hours. Fine curlers are key here. Throw a red, white and blue trucker hat on top, and just like that, you’ve got Dustin.


Mike has a very solid, dark bowl-cut. It frames his pale face and curves around his ears, hiding them. Not everyone has Finn Wolfhard’s hair, obviously, but “Mike wigs” are available online. However, those lucky enough to share Finn’s thickness can reach for the dark hair dye and cut the bowl off just beneath the ears. Complete the look with a stripy T-shirt in earth tones. And a walkie-talkie.


Nancy Wheeler is in a love triangle, sandwiched between introvert photographer Jonathan and mullet man Steve. In early episodes, she wears her hair long, sometimes pinned back, sometimes in a ponytail, usually tucked behind her ears. It’s neat and preppy, the hair of an A-grade student. Her curls are less defined in the first season, so don’t over do it with the hair curling. Complete the look with autumnal knitwear.