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Glossier Play
courtesy of Instagram/@glossier

Glossier launches new bold colour cosmetics brand, Glossier Play

The famously minimalistic brand is branching out into a brave new world of colour

When launched in 2014, Glossier made a name for themselves with their natural, “no make-up make-up” looks. For the OG Glossier girl, it was all about that clean face, dewy skin and seemingly effortless beauty. But now Emily Weiss has announced she is launching a sister brand, Glossier Play, which, after much speculation, has been revealed as a full line of bold colour cosmetics.

“Today I’m thrilled to introduce Glossier Play, a new approach to make-up that’s inspired by sound, motion, and fun,” Weiss wrote on Instagram today. “With this new brand, we’re inviting you to continue to choose your own beauty adventure...only now with even more places to go. The world is your Playground!”

With Glossier Play, the brand moves away from their famously stripped back aesthetic and into “dialed-up beauty extras” designed to inspire creativity and self-expression. The line launches with four products, with the promise of more to come in the future: Colorslide, a gel pencil available in 14 colourful shades, both metallic and matte; Glitter Gelée a “one-step glitter gel;” Vinylic Lip, a glossy click pen currently available in a selection of reds and nudes; and Niteshine, a buildable liquid highlighter.

Emily Weiss, take all our money.