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A film celebrating the beautiful bond between beauty pros and their clients

This Valentine's Day let’s celebrate with the people that really make us feel good

Who said that Valentine’s Day is just for couples? This Valentine’s beauty app Beautystack celebrates the most romantic of days with the release of TOUCHED –  a playful, tongue-in-cheek video exploring the relationship between beauty pros and their clients.

Directed by Leonn Ward and written by Ellen Atlanta, the short film centres on the vital and special connections formed in the salon, and celebrates that unique relationship we have with our beauty pros. “We want to change the perception of the beauty industry, everyday beauty pros work in complete service to others, but their work is often undervalued or not taken seriously,” Ellen says. “This was our love letter to the industry and to all the beauty pros who have shown us love and care when we needed it most.”  

Showing beauty pros Anouska Anastasia, Kevin Shanti, Dazed Beauty community member Jess Young and Rachel Pitman, alongside their clients Lola Parnell, Elsa Pastelle, Rhys Laird and Gina Arche Borriello, TOUCHED celebrates the importance of that real-life human connection that you get in the beauty environment, particularly in the midst of our digital, often touch-deprived society.

“I’ve been with my hairstylist Alisha Dobson longer than I’ve been with any boyfriend,” says Sharmadean Reid, founder and CEO of Beautystack. “The relationship you have with your beauty pro is a deep, long love affair that isn’t often given the level of respect it deserves. They act as your therapist, your personal hypewoman, your entertainment, your knowledge centre... and the cherry on top of the cake is that you leave looking the bomb and feeling on a high.”

We couldn’t agree more.