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Kylie Jenner by Daniel Sannwald x Beauty_GAN

Isamaya Ffrench interviews Kylie Jenner

We gave the cover star of our print issue a beauty-themed pop quiz

I feel so grateful to be alive in the time of the Kardashians; objectively, to have been able to witness such a monumental turning point in popular culture. The Kardashians are truly something extraordinary to behold. They have contributed vastly to the definition of contemporary Western pop culture in its most progressive and far-reaching form, infiltrating our televisions, phones, communication, bodies and minds.

For better or for worse, the Kardashian dynasty has had a major impact on how we currently define and dictate what beauty is for the masses, as many voyeuristically and hungrily witness their ongoing personal transformations. And none more so than Kylie Jenner. The youngest, but arguably, most successful, respective of age, has taken us on a whirlwind journey in her transformation from young reality TV star to billionaire beauty mogul. As a make-up artist who works with numerous brands from high-street to high-end, I know they all want one thing: 'To own lips' in the same way that Kylie does. 

I love new ideas and ways of introducing technology into visual formats and constantly strive to make the talent I work with appear in ways that you've never seen them before. With Kylie, I was challenged. Pink hair, green lips, we have seen it all... until now. With the assistance of AI technology, GAN, a computerised neural network that scans thousands of images of beauty on the internet and then builds images based on a code directed at 'Beauty', has created versions of Kylie as you've never seen her before. Kylie, De-Coded. 

What does the word 'beauty' mean to you?
Kylie Jenner:
 I love the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I believe your beauty shines from the inside out.

Do you think that your ideas of what beauty is have changed over the years, especially becoming a mother?
Kylie Jenner: Becoming a mother has allowed me to see beauty in situations that I might not have been able to see before.

You’re so busy/have so much going on, how does your brain store memories when there’s so much happening?
Kylie Jenner: I’m lucky to have amazing people working for me that help me keep it all together! There are always a million things happening at once.

How do you feel about getting older?
Kylie Jenner: A little afraid but a little excited. My mom makes it all look so easy! I also can’t wait to watch Stormi do all the amazing things I know she will.

What makes you feel most beautiful?
Kylie Jenner: Whenever I’m surrounded by my favourite people.

What would you say is your biggest regret beauty-wise? 
Kylie Jenner: So far, I don’t have any regrets. I love living, learning and experimenting.

What is the biggest change in the way you present yourself over the last 10 years?
Kylie Jenner: 10 years ago, I was 11 years old… so I want to say everything has changed. Ha!

How do you think your lip kits have changed the industry?
Kylie Jenner: Besides being the first lip liner/lipstick kit…I think I’ve pushed a lot of boundaries and opened a door for other young entrepreneurs to start their own make-up line which is amazing.

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process when it comes to products, ideas, colours, textures, design and marketing?
Kylie Jenner: My ideas for collections can spark from anywhere. It’s getting my ideas to come to life that is kind of tricky. I’m also still learning and growing every day and you can see that through the progression of my line.

What’s been the most important beauty product in your life? Is there a particular story associated with it?
Kylie Jenner: Lipstick of course. I’ve always been obsessed. It has made me feel confident and completes every look.

If you could choose one photograph to last of you, describe it.
Kylie Jenner: A photograph that captures my true essence. A happy photo. Maybe more bare-faced and timeless.

Does make-up hold emotional value to you?
Kylie Jenner: Of course. I eat, sleep, breathe make-up and it has made me feel confident and powerful at a time when I didn’t.

We used a computer to generate images of you based on hundreds of images on the internet that are supposedly based on our Western ideals of what beauty is. Tell me how the pictures we create made you feel.
Kylie Jenner: I thought they were beautiful.