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Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY AW19 Mens
Aminat in gorgeous, decadent, drag inspired eye look by Lucy Bridge at Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOYPhotography Charlie Gates, make-up by Lucy Bridge and hair by John Vial

Lucy Bridge on the beauty products that have defined her life

From tangerine hair dye to Chanel Allure Homme, make-up artist Lucy Bridge selects the beauty products that have shaped her life

Beauty Biographies is a column where we ask some of our favourite people to reflect on the beauty items that have influenced their lives and have a sentimental place in their heart. From their grandmother’s perfume to the eyeshadow they wore to their first dance these are the products that have had a significant impact on them and that instantly transport them back to a particular time, place, or person.

With a love for bold colours and graphic lines, Lucy Bridge is the London-based make-up artist behind some of fashion’s most theatrical make-up transformations. An occasional plus-size model, after doing a Higher National Diploma in make-up and hair in Manchester, she has made a name for herself by embedding art history references and rebellious glamour in her work. From the 1920s Berlin Cabaret inspired looks at Charles Jeffrey’s AW19 show, to the hand-painted graceful giants in the A/W18 issue of AnOther Man, and of course, Lila Moss in her debut cover for Dazed, Lucy’s avant-garde looks have inflamed the catwalks and editorials.

Here Lucy talks us through the beauty products that have had sentimental value throughout her life.

Crazy Color Hair Dye 

When I was at school I was always jealous of the girls who had naturally ginger hair. My dad was ginger as a kid and he gave me the porcelain white skin which burns in the sun in a second and the freckles but not the ginger hair. At University I decided to dye my hair a natural ginger and I loved it. I then moved to London and I become part of the ‘club kids’ scene and I wanted a more extreme look. I used Crazy Color hair dye in Tangerine and I stained my hands, my face and the bathroom for years!! I'm having an urge at the moment to go back ginger. I think they have more fun!

Get it here: Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Cream in Orange

Dior Eyeshadow Palettes

I remember rooting around my mum's makeup basket in the bathroom as a kid and the old school Dior Eyeshadow palettes which had the best 90s shades in them. I definitely didn't look after makeup as well as I do now and when trying these on at the weekends I used to really mess them up for my mum. I wish I still had these palettes now as sometimes they just don't make shades as good as they used too.

Get it here: Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Undress

MAC Loose Glitters and Mixing Medium Gel

When I moved to London I was experimenting heavily with my own makeup when going out at night. I was obsessed with going to the MAC Pro Store in Carnaby Street and picking up as many loose glitters as I could get as well as the Gel Mixing Medium. I would mix these together and paint my eyebrows with them to go out. It's safe to say my brows felt very crusty the next morning!

Get it here: MAC Glitter and Mixing Medium Gel

Chanel Allure Homme 

I was obsessed with using Men's fragrances when I was growing up. I used to love Chanel Allure and I would douse myself in it daily. I'm not sure where the obsession came from but still to this day I feel naked if I leave the house without my perfume on and I like it to smell strong enough that people notice as I walk past.

Get it here: Chanel Allure Homme Eau de Toilette Spray

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Being from Blackburn us Northern girls have an obsession with fake tan. I used to spray my legs on every night out (as I used to and still do wear the shortest skirts) with Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. It made my legs really tanned and plastic-esque like a Barbie. I would leave the rest of my body natural so the difference was quite extreme. My old flatmates used to get very angry with me as there would be an orange colour around the skirting boards on the bathroom for years.

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