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Matty Bovan tutorial

Get the club kid look with Matty Bovan

The York-born beauty maverick and fashion designer shows us how to serve some serious looks

In our Tutorial series, we hand over the reins to some of the most exciting individuals pushing the envelope when it comes to beauty, to lend us their skills and show us how things are done. Next up is York-born fashion designer and beauty maverick Matty Bovan

Talent: Matty Bovan
Director: Ilona McIlwain
Producer: Joel Spencer
Executive Producer: Mary Calderwood
DOP: Jack Reynolds
Focus Puller: Josh Govett
Gaffer: Ryan O'Toole
Spark: Ed Killpatrick
Art Director: Sarah Hall
Sound Recordist: Peter Polak
Editor: Sam Allen @ Speade
Grade: Yoomin Lee @ Cut & Run