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How to look like you’re in Black Mirror’s ‘Bandersnatch’

Will it be the crimped hair or the dark circles?

Bandersnatch, Bandersnatch, Bandersnatch. Ok, we get it. By now, you’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, your boss has seen it, your mum has seen it, probably just so she’d have something to say in the (endless) conversations that are happening right now about it.

You will have felt that first thrill of power when lead character Stefan, played Fionn Whitehead, first points to the cereal of your choice in the opening moments of the episode, and then the increasing frustration as you’re forced to pick again and again between two equally shit choices.

After hours of controlling Stefan’s life, getting caught up in the government conspiracy theories, falling down the rabbit hole of the seemingly infinite number of possible endings and universes, the question we’re left pondering is thus: are we really here on this earth or are we all just living in a computer simulation? And then you’re hit with another one. How can I look like these characters? Well, do not fear, readers, because we at Dazed Beauty have put together a little guide to help you out.  


Will Poulter takes the role of Colin, a successful game developer who inspires and offers (somewhat dubious) guidance to Stefan. In the episode, Colin rocks the bleached blonde locks that we increasingly saw as the sleaze-but-make-it-fashion trend took hold of us over the summer – think Pete Davidson, Jonah Hill, and Ansel Elgort. Get the look with a Bleach London’s Total Bleach Kit and some glasses from Ace and Tate.


We don’t find out much about Colin’s baby mama Kitty, played by Tallulah Haddon, but what we do know is that she is enthralled by the New Romanticism that swept the fashion and music scenes of the 1980s. Achieve the look with orange hair dye, blue eyeshadow and a lot of crimping.


Lead character Stefan’s beauty look is very much defined by the absence of anything notable. As the episode goes on, however, he becomes increasingly manic and sleep deprived – a look you too can achieve by developing insomnia. If that’s not for you, fake those undereye bags with these Morphe palettes, depending on your undertones.


Gaming mogul and Stefan’s boss at Tuckersoft, Mohan, played by the one and only Chabuddy G, nails the sleaze trend. For your own greasy, slick-back hair and bushy beard combo use these...