Bieber continues his transformation into Post Malone with new face tattoo

Who wore it worse?

Continuing his transformation into Post Malone, Justin Bieber’s second face tattoo – the word ‘grace’ delicately sprawled above his right eyebrow – has finally been revealed courtesy of tattoo artist Jonboy.

The reveal comes after much speculation over what the tattoo might be. In November, Bang Bang tattoo artist Keith McCurdy told Page Six TV that he had given Bieber and new wife Haily Baldwin couple tattoos. “Justin’s tattoo is on his face,” he said, adding that it was next to his eyebrow and included little words that were “thin and delicate.”

However, it was not McCurdy but rather Jonathan "JonBoy" Valena, the tattoo artist who gave Bieber his first face tattoo – a small cross below his eye – who unveiled this second one. Taking to Instagram, the artist wrote:

Valena had previously posted an image on Instagram of the Biebers with the words “Style and Grace,” perhaps suggesting Hailey’s side of the tattoo. Watch this space.