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Five things you need to know about this phallic vibrating gold face bar

The gender-fluid vibrating item gets rid of your ‘tech lines’ which we apparently all have and this one, in particular, comes courtesy of MUA Jillian Dempsey

Jillian Dempsey is Hollywood’s unofficial MUA. Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Aniston are all subject to her angelic red carpet beautification. But she’s not just a make-up artist. She’s also a hugely successful entrepreneur, with an eponymous beauty brand devoted to clean organic beauty that specialises in naturally-derived ingredients.

Expanding her repertoire further, she recently released a Japanese 24 carat gold vibrating face bar, instantly making skin appear toned, lifted, contoured and revived. The perfect stocking filler (a pretty boujee one at that), it’s yours for $195.

“The more you vibrate, the better the results,” says Dempsey. No, this is not the kind of vibrator you think, but, she’s right. Using the product is like having a mini massage as it mimics the effects of lymphatic drainage and instantly relaxes facial muscles to release tension. Here, we discover five things you need to know about your new favourite beauty item.

It’s actually Japanese

Dempsey struck literal gold while travelling in Japan, discovering a beauty device called the ‘Japanese Gold Sculpting Bar.’ She then secured an exclusive deal to attach her name to the product and gained distribution rights in the U.S., and voila, the gold sculpting bar was born.

“I decided to do a beauty tool because I found it to be highly effective. I love Japan and I’m a big fan of Japanese beauty, so it is an honor to be representing something that is a Japanese tool,” Dempsey told WWD.

Guys can use it too

Both men and women can’t get enough of the device. “My husband stole my first one. It is especially good for the jawline and what man doesn’t want a have jawline?” said Dempsey. In fact here is a video of said husband using it.

LA comedians star in the promo vid instead of models

It’s funny, have a watch.

It gets rid of your ‘tech lines’

Who even knew, but apparently we all have crease lines on our neck from looking down at our phones all day or playing Fortnite. This ironing device will be sure to sort those cheeky devils out.

Don’t make-up and gold bar!

And now for a little tip. Never wear any foundation or powder when you vibrate, since you could turn GREEN! She said so in that video you just watched. But feel free to use the device with moisturiser in the pre-make-up prep.