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Big Mouth

Big Mouth’s the Hormone Monstress comes to life in a new drag performance

Think bouffant hair, yellow face paint, a hairy onesie and of course, a real life bubble machine

If we could sum up 2018 television in two words it would sound something like this - “bubble bath.” Uttered by Maya Rudolph’s character Connie the Hormone Monstress in Netflix’s smash-hit comedy Big Mouth, these tenuous three syllables have already made their way into club remixes all over the internet.

But now, something even more extraordinary has occurred. Miami-based drag queen Miss Toto burst into the Twittersphere yesterday with an epic video of a Connie the Hormone Monstress drag performance in a cavernous club. Wearing a brown furry onesie, Toto twerks, vogues, lip syncs and whips her hair back and forth while a flurry of bubbles float in the air as - you guessed it - a bubble bath remix plays in the background.

The look itself is artful - Miss Toto’s base of gold face paint is elevated to cartoon-character-level with thick layers of brown jaunty eyeshadow and larger-than-life-brows, paired with a juicy cherry lipstick and an epic bouffant wig. Only she could manage to pull all of this off while wearing a wookiee-style hairy onesie.

The video has now garnered 1.12 million views following a retweet from the show’s creator, Nick Kroll and Netflix too. Others users have tweeted “Well this won the internet,” while another went so far as to say “I’m not going to lie. I’ve been laying in bed with a deep depression for the past 3 days and this is one of the few rays of sunshine I’ve seen.”

It’s a surprise that no one has had the ingenious idea to bring Connie the Hormonstress’s character to life already - and what better way to do it, than in drag form. We love you, Miss Toto.